[Exhibition] Pixel Meet Market in Barcelona


UPDATE: The event has also been covered here and here.

At the end of June, I was part of my first exhibition ever. 

Retrogamingbcn came up with this great idea for an exhibition called Pixel Meet Market at the Ironhack in Barcelona. I wanted to be part of that. By chance, I have already worked with Iñaki Díaz, one of the creators of the event, before, so I was really looking forward to meet everybody.

I'd like to take the chance and say a big THANK YOU to everybody who made this possible. The aforementioned Iñaki is such a pro and Giulia Motteran, who was always busy with the event, was the perfect event organizer, and I'm glad to have met her and her super-nice family. 

So here are some photos from that event. We took the first 2, the others were taken by the great in-house photographer: