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If you feel like it, don’t hesitate to say hello! I’m always happy to get to know exciting people.


Hiring an artist can be difficult. Maybe you don't know what questions to ask. Perhaps you just want your artist to take action and start making beautiful art already. This is absolutely fine. 

As a pixel art designer and freelance 2d game artist, I’ve worked with and gotten to know many developers, fellow artists and other people from the game industry – it’s what I love. This is why I offer my pixel art services to brands, game developers, businesses and whoever want me to create something cool. So let's make what you want a reality. 

Contact me HERE and I will answer within 48 hours.

I read and answer every email, unless it's rude. Then just maybe.

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Things to know before you hit that submit button

Would you like to hire me as a pixel artist? Awesome! To make sure that I can get back to you as effectively as possible, I’d like to ask you to consider browsing through there FAQs to get a first impression.

Do you do commissions? Are you available for hire?

Yes, I do commissions! My availability varies from time to time, but it never hurts to ask (don’t forget to share some information!).

What information do you need to make an estimate?

Whenever I work with a client, there are several questions I ask beforehand. The more information I get, the better. The most critical issues include:

  • What’s the scope of your project?

  • What sprite size and art style would you like to see? Do you have any visual references?

  • How far are you with your project? Can you show me something? Is there a timeline?

  • Do you have a fixed budget in mind?

Are you a full-time pixel artist?

No. I work a day job, and I’m a semi-professionalist. I can work up to 15 hours per week on pixel art projects on evenings and weekends. However, I provide updates regularly (if you want me to!).

What would X cost? What are your rates?

My rates vary, depending on the project. Please just shoot me a quick message, and I’ll try to come up with an estimate as efficiently as possible.

How does payment work?

I usually accept fixed prices or milestone payments where I ask for 50% up front and 50% once the job is finished. I’m also open to charging hourly for open-ended projects.

Do you do revisions?

Yes. I want you to be happy, and my commissions usually include a fixed number of revisions. If you want me to do more than initially planned, we can always renegotiate.

Do you work for revenue share?

I might consider it if the project is advanced and promising, but usually, the answer to that is no. I’m sorry.

Can you do test art so I can see if you’re the right fit for my project?

Absolutely! I’m always willing to do paid art samples.

Can you join my discord/slack/skype call?

Since I usually work on my after-work time, I’m not always available. The best way to initially reach out to me is email. Once we work together, we can move on to another platform.