Cravings made Vegan [Print]

Bianca Haun from and I believe that any reason to adopt a vegan lifestyle is a great reason, and your decision to stop eating animal products will be one of the best of your life. This is why we came up with our second cookbook, including 50 mouth-watering recipes. 



The Veginner's Cookbook [Print]

Bianca Haun from and I bring seventy-five delicious plant-based recipes to the table. The Veginner’s Cookbook is for anyone thinking about transitioning to a vegan diet or having difficulties maintaining a vegan lifestyle; Bianca and I call them Veginners.

Open Dialogue and a Venture's Legitimacy Quest in Crowdfunding [PUBLICATION]

The cultural entrepreneurship literature has established that ventures can use stories to convince external stakeholders to issue a positive social evaluation (read more)

Gegenhuber, T., & Naderer, S. (2018). When the petting zoo spawns into monsters: open dialogue and a venture’s legitimacy quest in crowdfunding. Innovation, 1-36.



The #Chickenstreet Project [Web]

As an ongoing project I decided to recreate the early 2000's Mr. Wong's Soup'Partments, a collaborative pixel art piece created by more than 400 artists. The plan is to get as many floors as possible. My spin on the piece is that instead of creating another tower, we together go deep into the undergrounds of 69 Chickenstreet and try to create our vision of what's under that garage of the original piece.

Web: The Pixel Art Only Group [Web]

A 3000+ member Facebook group I have created to share and discuss Pixel Art.


2014 [Web]

A university project to create the official website for our major.