The #Chickenstreet Project

The #Chickenstreet Project is a collaborative pixel art piece featuring over 40 artists from all around the world. 

When I started out creating my first Pixel Art sceneries in the early 2000s, there was a collaborative Pixel Art Building called Mr. Wong's Soup'Partments. It included the work of 406 people and it is one of my most cherished inspirations from my early days. Sadly, the project was cancelled after 2004 and no more contributions were taken.

In 2014, so ten years after that, I decided to try to give people a reason to make collaborative Pixel Art again. In the very spirit of Mr. Wong, the plan is to get as many floors as possible. My spin on the piece is that instead of creating another tower, we together go deep into the undergrounds of 69 Chickenstreet and try to create our vision of what's under that garage of the original piece.