Who are you and what is this?

Hi, I'm Sascha Naderer. I was born in Linz, Austria in 1988 and that's where I still live. I hold a Master's degree in Web Science, I work as a content manager in marketing and as an independent pixel artist for hire. I love to talk about crowdfunding. I've published a cookbook and I love to cook, but you can only eat so many times during the day. So sad.

Since I’m (almost) the only person with my name, I’m aware of the fact that whatever you find of me online is really from or about me. So to give you a quick overview (and to keep you from digging deeper, I suppose), I have decided to create this website.

Give me 17 random Facts about you!

  1. I can do the tongue roll and I have decent eye-brow coordination.

  2. My dad plays more video games than I do.

  3. I consider myself a terrible driver.

  4. I'm fluent in German and English, I read and understand Spanish. Tried Mandarin for a year. 你好.

  5. I moved out of my parents’ home when I was 19.

  6. I am 180 cm tall, which is pretty much the average body height of an Austrian male.

  7. I get annoyed listening to someone talk about Zodiac signs. I’m such a Leo.

  8. I make a mean vegan chili. Yes, I'll share.

  9. I've never "played the legos" as a kid, all I did was build.

  10. 8 year old me invented a solo-player pen and paper city builder and played it for hours.

  11. Unlike fellow Austrians, I do not care for winter sports.

  12. I am terrible at Beat ’em up games like Street Fighter.

  13. I am a big fan of short, intense working boosts.

  14. I don't believe in guilty pleasures. That being said, mine is watching wrestling.

  15. I will never say no to any avocado-related food item.

  16. I am an organization geek because I forget things. Thanks Evernote, Todoist and Google Calendar.

  17. I prefer salty over sweet any day.

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